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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Viking Origins: Lineage

The Vikings invade, from the Bayeux Tapestry.
Open disclaimer: This information is based on accepted lineage for royal lines. I do not claim that these lines are 100% accurate but, as most amateur genealogists, I am working under the assumption that they are, until I prove that they are not. I am not a true historian, I am just trying to research my family lines.
It should also be noted that no one agrees on the accuracy of lineages this old. There are differing birth and death dates between written accounts. There are so many variations of name spellings that exactly who the documents were really referring to is a source of speculation. So take every with a grain of salt. This is the best of what is currently believed to be true. It’s a possible/likely truth, not an indisputable one.
Rollo Ragnvaldsson was born in 846 in Maer, Norway. He died having been made Duke of Normandy in 932, in Rouen, Normandy. Both my parents descend from him, from two separate children, following a long trail down to re-converge in me.

Rollo to Riddle
34x) Rollo Rognvaldsson, with Poppa de Valois (taken after a raid)
33x) dau. Adaele ‘Gerloc’ de Normandie, married Duke Guillaume III of Aquitaine
32x) dau. Adelaide de Poitou, married King Hugh Capet
31x) son King Robert of Orleans II, married Constance de Toulouse
30x) son Henri I of France, married Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna, Duchess of Kiev
29x) son King Phillippe I of France, married Countess Bertha of Holland
28x) son King Louis VI of France, married Countess Alix Marie of Savoie
27x) son King Louis VII of France, married Constance of Castile
26x) dau. Alys, Countess of the Vexin, married Count William IV of Pontieu
25x) dau. Countess Marie de Ponthieu, married Count Simon II de Dammartin
24x) dau. Jeanne de Dammartin, married King Fernando II of Castile & Leon
23x) dau. Princess Leonor of Castile & Leon, married King Edward I, Longshanks
22x) dau. Princess Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, married Humphrey de Bohun VIII
21x) son William de Bohun, married Elizabeth de Badlesmere
20x) dau. Elizabeth de Bohun, married Richard FitzAlan III
19x) dau. Elizabeth FitzAlan, married Sir Robert Gousell
18x) dau. Elizabeth Gousell, married Robert Wingfield
17x) son Sir John Wingfield, married Elizabeth FitzLewis
16x) son Sir John Wingfield II, married Margaret Dorward
15x) son Thomas Wingfield, married Elizabeth Woodhouse
14x) dau. Elizabeth Wingfield, married Geoffrey Downing
13x) son George Downing, married Dorcas Blois
12x) son Sir George Downing, married Miss Bellamy
11x) dau. Abigail Downing, married John Goode [travelled from ENG to MA]
10x) dau Abigail Goode, married Robert Moulton
9x) son Robert Moulton II, married Mary Cooke [in Salem during Witch Trials]
8x) son Robert Moulton III, married Hannah Groves [in Salem during Witch Trials]
7x) son Freeborn Moulton, married Rebekah Walker
6x) dau. Rebekah Moulton, married Thomas Ridel, of Ireland
5x) son Joseph Riddle, married Mary or Polly
4x) son Freeborn-Moulton Riddle, married Abigail Chaffe
3x) son Marquis DeLafayette Riddle, married Sarah Clickner
2x) son Lafayette Riddle, married Frances Ann Gillette
1x) son Harold Lafayette Riddle, married Elsie Elizabeth Durant
Their son Richard James Riddle was my grandfather. On my mother’s side, I am descended from Rollo through 15 daughters and 20 sons.

Rollo to Eaton
40x) Rollo Rognvaldsson, with Poppa de Valois (taken in a raid)
39x) son William I, Duke of Normandy, with Adele Sprota de Bretagne (a concubine)
38x) son Richard I, Duke of Normandy, married Gunnera de Crepon of Denmark
37x) son Richard II, Duke of Normandy, married Judith de Bretagne
36x) son Robert VI, Duke of Normandy, married Herleva ‘Artelle’ de Falaise
35x) dau. Adelaide de Normandie, married Count Lambert of Boulougne
34x) son Waltheof II, Earl of Northumbria, married Judith of Lens
33x) dau. Mathilda de Northumbria, married Simon de Senlis/Saint Liz
32x) dau Maud de Senlis, married Lord Saher de Quincey
31x) son Sir Robert de Quincey, married Orabella de Leuchars
30x) son Earl Saher de Quincey, married Margaret de Beaumont
29x) dau. Loretta de Quincey, married William de Valognes
28x) dau. Sibilia de Valognes, married Robert de Stuteville IV
27x) dau. Helwise de Stuteville, married William de Lancaster
26x) son Henry de Lea, married unknown
25x) son John de Lea, married Hawise de Lancaster [his aunt/her nephew]
24x) son Henry de Lea, married unknown
23x) son William de Lea, married Clemence de Banastre
22x) dau. Sibilia de Lea, married Sir Richard de Houghton
21x) dau. Sybil de Houghton, married Robert de Clitheroe
20x) son Hugh de Clitheroe, married Isabel de Gras
19x) dau. Mary Clitheroe, married John Tempest
18x) dau. Elizabeth Tempest, married Sir Richard Norton
17x) dau. Margaret Norton, married Sir John de Stapleton
16x) dau. Christina Stapleton, married Robert Cressett
15x) son Thomas Cressett, married Jane Joan Corbet
14x) son Richard Cressett, married Joan Wrottesley
13x) dau. Jane Cressett, married Sir Henry Eaton
12x) son William Eaton, married Martha Jenkins
11x) son William Eaton II, Minister, married Jane Hussey
10x) son Nicholas Eaton, married Katherine Masters
9x) son John Eaton, married Abigail Gilson [travelled ENG to MA, 1635]
8x) son John Eaton, married Alice
7x) son Thomas Eaton, married Lydia Gay
6x) son Thomas Eaton, married Elizabeth Parker
5x) son Benjamin Eaton, married Hepsibah Skiff
4x) son Joshua Eaton, married Lucy Gould
3x) son Solomon Gould Eaton, married Hannah Ann Treadwell
2x) son Bennett Eaton, married Theresa Cordelia Tenney
1x) son Royal Levant Eaton, married Hattie Eva Smith
Their son Mark Dutcher Eaton was my grandfather. On my father’s side I am descended from Rollo through 13 daughters and 28 sons.

Are we cousins? Are any of these names familiar to you? Do you have differing information? Do we share ancestors in common? Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. I love meeting my very distant relations!

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